Pastor P.G.'s Testimony

I was brought up in a Christian home and was in church every since I can remember. I walked the isle many times in my knowledge of Jesus Christ. I did many things wrong and wasn't sure if at times I was going to be with the Lord or not. I did all the right things and said all the right words.

It wasn't until I was in the Navy and half way across the Atlantic Ocean that I asked God, "If you are real I need to know." It was at that time' that I felt the presence of God all mighty like a father hugging his child. That was back in 1972. I would like to say I have served Him every since without failing, but that would not be true. But I have served Jesus the best I know how every since.

In 2008, I married a wonderful Christian woman that God picked out for me. In her, God gave me all of my hearts desires, without me even asking. Together we act as one to do what ever God calls us to do. I feel so blessed that God sees me and remembers that I need someone to help me carry on with the work He has called me to do. In August 2012 the Lord took Donna home after a long fight with cancer. I am so blessed to have been able to have those years that the Lord gave us together to grow in Him.

God has blessed us with 7 grown children (all married) between us and 13+ beautiful Grand-children, 3 Grand-sons and 10 Grand-daughters, and another grandson on the way Feb. 2013. 

I worked with youth for over 30 years. It is so rewarding to see the ones you taught, turn out to be preachers, youth leaders, ministers of music, etc. I have been blessed to teach all ages, from pre-school to youth, college to senior citizens. But what I love the most, is meeting one on one when our Father says, "talk to this one now." It could be at the hospital, in a store, driving, walking down the street, or any time any place.

I am now trying to learn to just abide in Him and be available at all times for God's purpose. I could go on forever of how good God has been to me, but another time, another page.

I have just completed my Doctorate of Divinity degree in 2009 with Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary.

I know God is going to use this ministry to reach out to all the world to help teach others so they can be prepared to go out and spread the word.

I am excited to just think about what God has in store for my wife and I as a family and HPM as a Ministry. It is all for the Glory of God that we are in this ministry.

Thank You Father,

In His Service,

Pastor P.G. D.D.

Pastor Wayne's Testimony

I was saved at the age of 14 in an Assembly of God church in California; I knew at the age of 16 that I was called into the ministry. I strived to be open to what God had called me to do, but the vision never seemed to be fulfilled.

That vision became lost  and I was not sure what God had planned for me. We worked in various positions in churches all over, at what ever God opened for us. But I was still not sure what God really had for me. It wasn't until after my brother PG, wanted me to look at a website that would ordain you as a minister. I went to the site and playfully registered to be an ordained minister. Then things started happening.

That vision that I thought was lost was now rekindled. I saw the doors being opened to minister, not just to people on the web, but to people all over that God brought our way. I had just been out of sync with God's timing.

I married my wonderful wife Kathy, we have two children a daughter and a son as well as 6 grandchildren. We have had our ups and downs as a family but God has always seen us through.

I completed my Doctorate of Divinity degree in 2009 with Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary and teach at the Seminary.

God has opened up this ministry to reach the un-churched and the over churched people in the world.

This is that place where everyone can know there is someone who love's them and cares for them without any strings attached and people can open up their hearts to God and God to them.


Always and Forever in His Service,

Rev. Dr. Cecil "Wayne" Thorn, D.D.