Bible Survey of the book of Luke

Who wrote Luke?

The Gospel was written by a doctor, called Luke, who was a friend and colleague of the apostle Paul (Colossians 4:14; Philemon 23 and 2 Timothy 4:11) Luke was not himself an eyewitness of the life of Jesus (1:1-4) Tradition tells us that he was a Gentile who remained unmarried and lived until he was eighty-four

Why was the Gospel written?

Luke had several purposes

1. He wanted to write a well-organised life of Jesus which was based on good eye-witness evidence (1:1-4)

2. Hew wanted to record the beginnings and development of Christianity, which e did in to parts. Acts is the second volume. Luke shows how God has been at work in history and especially in the way in which the followers of Jesus rapidly spread from Galilee to Rome.

3. He wanted to demonstrate that Jesus was a Saviour for all types of people and not just for a select group.

4. He wanted to show the Roman authorities that Christianity was not a threat to good political order.

Who were Luke’s readers?

1. Luke addresses his Gospel to Theophilus (1:3), probably an upper-class Gentile convert to Christianity His name means "loved of God" but we know nothing else about him.

2. In addition Luke would have had a wider circle of readers in mind which would included other Gentiles and perhaps Roman officials in particular.

When was it written?

Luke must have written his Gospel before he wrote his second volume and since the last event mentioned in Acts took place around AD 62 it is a fair guess that Luke itself was written between AD 60-65

Special features.

1. Luke's story-telling is second to none. His ability with words is also shown by his very good Greek style.

2. luke is also more interested in the human life of Jesus and tells us more about his early life and childhood than others.

3. In other ways, to. Luke is more complete that the other Gospels and records more parables, and more news about people and more about Jesus resurrection than others.

4. Luke shows more interest in individuals that the other Gospel-writers, particularly children, women, and social outcasts.

5. He has other special interests, for example, prayer, the Holy Spirit and the theme of joy.Bible Survey of the Book of Luke