Bible Survey of the Book of Mark


1. He was the cousin of Barnabas (Col. 4:10)

2. He lived in Jerusalem with his mother, Mary (Acts 12:12) The church met in his home.

3. He went with Paul and his cousin on the first missionary journey (Acts13:5

4. Mark left the others after their time in Cyprus (which as the homeland of Barnabas. Acts 4:36), perhaps because he did not approve of Paul taking over the leadership.

5. He went back to Jerusalem (Acts 13:13)

6. In Jerusalem he would have had plenty of opportunity to talk with Peter.

7. It might even have been Peter who first brought Mark to faith in Jesus: Peter calls him ‘my son Mark’ in 1 Peter 5:13

8. It is generally accepted that Mark wrote down the good news as he heard it from Peter.

9. It is sometimes suggested that Mark was the young man mentioned in Mark 14:51,52, but there is no way of proving this.


It is probably the earliest gospel, written between AD 65 and AD 70, before the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed. Matthew and Luke both seem to have used Mark’s Gospel


Mark shows us Jesus-with-a-secret. In Mark’s Gospel we find Jesus discouraging publicity…

1. Demons are commanded to keep silent (1:25,34; 3:12)

2. Those who have ben healed by Jesus are told not to talk about it (1:44; 5:43; 7:36).

3. Jesus’ own followers are told not to tell others that he is the Messiah (8:30)

4. And Jesus tells his followers privately about ‘the secret of the kingdom of God’ (4:10-12). So how do we interpret this idea of secrecy? The problem for Jesus was that the Jewish people had the wrong idea about the Messiah. As Jesus confronts their wrong idea we have.

     1. Not approval of it because the popular idea of the Messiah was political and human, instead of spiritual and divine.

     2. Not denial of it because Jesus was the Messiah his may miracles (at least 17 are recorded by Mark) witnessed to that.

     3. But re-formulation of it because Jesus had to show them a serving, saving and suffering Messiah who was fully man but fully God.


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