Here you will find many areas of sharing the Gospel as well as documents, Discipleship study and more.


Ministry Opportunities


Hiding Place Ministry is always on the lookout for people who have been called to a Web Ministry. HPM is looking for a few God called individuals to help in the effort to spread the Gospel. 

If you are one of those individuals then you may be the person to work with us in the calling to spread the Gospel around the world. 

Worship Team

Have a passion for worship through music

Individual for a group that has a calling to share the Gospel message in music. 

Be able to pre-record worship sets and post them to Vimeo. 

Prayer Partners

Hiding Place Ministry has always cared about peoples needs. We are looking for individuals or other prayer groups to be involved with praying for people who send in prayer requests.  We are very adamant about this area of ministry. 

We are looking for people who really have a heart for people and for prayer. 

Prayer request are sent to our prayer partners ASAP and requires that the prayer partner checks there email 2 times a day for new prayer requests.

When requested to have someone contact them that each prayer partner contacts them via - email or phone. 

When you pray for individual you must write your prayer for them and email it to them. People want to know that someone is really praying for them.


Article Contributor

We are looking for individuals that have a calling to share the Gospel through the written word.  

A calling for writing. 

Individual must commit to writing for a minimum of 1 years of weekly articles. 

In your application specify what type of article you would like to write. 


Ministry Opportunity Application